About Us

About Us

About Dalton Mountain Landscaping

Dalton Mountain Landscaping is an established residential and commercial landscape design and home improvement company serving clients in Dalton, New Hampshire. We have more than 30 years of experience providing innovative and effective landscape services and solutions to make outdoor spaces more vibrant, appealing, and inviting.

Our Owner

Dalton Mountain Landscaping is owned by David Spreadbury, a landscape and construction professional who decided to expand his own business after years of working for other companies. Under his leadership, we have built a significant clientele and established a solid reputation for providing outstanding landscape services. Recently, we have been able to offer more services to clients. In 2006, we officially became a full-service landscape, construction, and building maintenance company. 

Competent Design and Lawn Maintenance Crew

Our design and lawn maintenance team is composed of arborists and landscape contractors who are experienced and properly trained. We understand that our work is important not only for our individual clients but for the community and environment at large. That is why we always take our job seriously and make sure that every project is given complete attention. 

The work we do affects the environment significantly. In this matter, we strive to come up with landscape solutions that not only beautify the neighborhood but also help in keeping the environment sustainable and healthy. We use water-smart designs, native plants and local soils in an effort to maintain a natural balance in every project. Please call Dalton Mountain Landscaping today to find out more about our services and to receive a free estimate on your upcoming project!
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